The Emancipation of Dolores McCrumble

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I have to get away

I'm sure Joseph is finding time to keep you informed of his 'antics' - I can find no better word for his behaviour at the moment. I feel that I hardly know him anymore. He's not the sturdy dependent man that I once knew. Rather, he has become twitchy and elusive. To compound matters, I am so incredibly tired and often find myself at the beck and call of the toilet; I'm suffering from the most horrendous waves of nausea. Rescue Remedy only goes so far in alleviating the stress. As I have explained before, I have an awful sense of foreboding, and I am not confident in Joseph's ability to look after the children at the moment. So, the upshot of all this stress and malaise is that I have decided to take the twins away for a holiday next Saturday. As yet, I'm not sure where we shall go, I shall sign up for one of those short notice deals on the internet.

Desperate measures for desperate times.


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